The idea of the project

the developing of the personality through the reflection in each others in order to evoke student's unusual thinking by involving them into art process.

Media– digital photography and collage.


  • Introduction of the collage technique with scissors and paper (color paper, papers, magazines);
  • All partisipants will be taken photo/portraits and printed out through computer;
  • There will be made groups with 2 participators each;
  • They will work with creating images by using collage technique to cover the face on one of the portraits (module A3);
  • Finished works will be digitally printed on the paper 50x60 cm for the group exhibition and joint picture will be taken with the new images/ portraits.
  • Introduction from the both sides, a short excursus into the world of collage.
  • Taking photographs of partisipants and getting them ready for work, groups are made, beginning to work.
  • Work with the images.
  • Technical completion, getting ready for the exhibition.


Each partisipant shall have scissors, glue pencil, and magazines- as many as possible. In order to print photo/portraits - computer and printer, color copy machine.