Less1, 2012


Works provide an opportunity for the public to become familiar, through multimedia photo collages, with an exploratory, logical and intuitive artistic process. It also acts as a catalyst to create reflection about modern vision of life and reference popular culture.

Objects, close-up's, portraits, architecture, head LESS models... It might sound absurd or surreal, but the recontextualisation of familiar everyday objects with the use of photo collage are turned into scarp contoured, sculptural expressions, point out the media imagery all around us and delivers the imagery in new, dynamic forms.

Photo collage, various sizes, limited edition: 5+2AP

Signed: Kodak silver paper print

KNK 6891

KNK 6892

KNK 6893

KNK 6894

KNK 6895

KNK 6896

KNK 6897

KNK 6898 

Original collage and C-print on Kodak paper, limited edition.